Sunday, May 18, 2014

Top 10 student Nursing perlukan..


I just saw a video from you tube title on Top 10 Nursing School must have...Sangatla bagusss... Macam nak balik ke tahun 1 dan tengok video tu sambil berkata 'Owh..ceq nak kena telefon mak nak mintak duit..nak beli banyak buku ni'.... -_-

Ok, for the future nursing student first tanamkan niat nak belajar ye...
Bawa dan peganglah niat itu sehingga anda menghembuskan nafas terakhir...

ok, lets see the list:

1. Stethoscope for auscultate lung, heart and bowel sound
2. Calculator for calculate drugs, IV drip
3. Drug guide(optional) because you may used an application  from your handset..I prefer to have this book because I prefer hard copy..(boleh conteng)
4. Planner-This is important to write your assignment's due!
5. Penlight-You may use for physical examination-check for pupil dilation-usually use when admission patient and during charting GCS
6. Nursing Diagnosis Handbook-Important for you to write nursing intervention to patient.
7. Anatomy and Physiology Book-Sherwood physiology was preferable.selalunya minta pada senior medic.
8. NCLEX book-to test your knowledge and confident level. usually the library will have this..either your looking for it or hide from you.
9. Pen, scissor, marker -use pen that combine red,black and blue...and please labeling your name because you will lost it many times...
10. A cute notebook-use to write your patient details..

That's 10 tops nursing student must have...hope this will help you.. :)

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