Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Management in practicum


Allah is The Greatest...
This week was my fifth week and next week was my last posting in HUKM...insya Allah...maybe the last day I'm wearing this pink uniform..(before LJM)

I would like to share my experience during my internship posting ....

All tears, tiredness, anger, braveness, laugh, happiness and others emotion are in this five weeks...

Tears are when there was a death(we call it LO).. That is my third experience faced LO but this LO was extremely drop my jaw.. I couldn't do anything after that. I just sit down, crying, laugh, crying back until end of shift.. But fortunately, I can sleep well after that..alhamdulillah..

Vericose vein are there. Yeay, proud to be a hardworking nurse..  breakfast+lunch at 1pm was normal for us... dressing done, medication done, vital sign done, feeding patient done, changing pampers done....then what else??? Yes, feeding own self are not done yet!!

'dik, baca jap CVP patient bed 3'
'kak, 8 setengah'
'hah? 8 setengah? ko ingat ni jam pukul berapa ka? ni kalau OSCE, fail ni?'
'maaf kak. 8.5mmH2O' sengih2...

 professionalism out..

Example of clinical issues:

'saya ADN(admission discharge nurse)  hari ni'...
'eh, orang pun'-kak ijai
'saya la..jadual baru nama saya' (kerut dahi)
'eh..orang la'-kak ijai
'ok. silap'-me(sengih2)

 Today during my ADN assingment, 5 admission *pengsan
but with SN syu, everything was my opportunity to learn from him.. I'm not learn how to give orientation to patient, take vital sign, check patient condition, taking patient's weight but I learn the kindness a nurse to patient, worried of non biological person...Allahu rabbi, that makes my day..

'When patient having bed sore, that indicate  poor/ bad nursing care'-I will always remember that...

Let's keep spirit high up!! 'Rabbiyassir wa la tu'assir'

p/s: Cita-citaku menjadi suri rumah tetap ada... :)

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