Friday, December 20, 2013

Taare Zameen Par, Like Stars on Earth

Taare Zameen Par, Like Stars on Earth 

Cerita ini diterbitkan pada tahun 2007..cerita ni dicadangkan oleh kwn sy.. minit ke 50 dan ke atas memang sangat menyentuh hati..this film should be watch by all people especially teachers. this story is about a children that cannot write, read and always scold by his teacher. then, come a new art teacher and find that this boys are depress and this boy are very special children. teacher or doctors should learn on how to tell the family about their children. in this film, amir khan was showing a chiness word and ask the father to read by the father cannot read.this show the father about his son frustration. 

cerita ini membuatkan hati rasa 'kesiannya anak-anak depress there are to face this stressor.' even this children may have suicidal tough.  

amir khan and the special children.pandai sangat dia berlakon. 


tengok la cerita ni kalau rasa-rasa tak da kerja dan nak tgk movie. happy watching

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